Since Grindstone’s launch in Fall 2019, the team has been hard at work constantly expanding and growing the game with free updates. And there’s been a lot! We’ve added more levels, more enemies, more gear, and even more characters! We’ve also brought to game to life with physical editions and a vinyl pressing of Sam Webster’s soundtrack alongside our friends at iam8bit!

This means our team & collaborators have made tons of wonderful artwork to celebrate these improvements to Grindstone over the years.

We wanted to take a moment to collect all the incredible key art our artists have done for each content update — enjoy, and celebrate two years of amazing updates with us!

Slop House promo card by Kelly Smith



We’ve made a board game based on Grindstone’s newest daily mode, the Fortune Grind! Why? Because nobody stopped us, that’s why!

To play, simply print out the three images below* and follow the instructions on cutting out pieces and how to play.
(*be sure to switch to landscape orientation for the game board!)

Prefer to grind digitally? Don’t fret! You can always play Grindstone on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, or PC. 💎

The rules! Print ’em for reference. Or don’t, if you have good memory. Or a tablet. Whatever.



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