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CAPY games
Capybara Games is an award-winning indie video game studio in Toronto, Canada.

Two New Big Updates!

Grindstone has two new big updates: The Lost Lair & Döttie’s House!

The Lost Lair

The Lost Lair is a full new area, complete with 19 levels and a final boss fight against Jjary. Contend with all new dangerous obstacles, like minecarts and stalactites, in order to fight your way up to Jorj’s…

­Everyone at CAPY is pleased to announce that Grindstone is now available on the Epic Game Store!

To celebrate, grab Grindstone on the Epic Game Store at a special launch discount of 25% off. Even better, you can use the Epic coupon in combination with the launch discount to get…

If you’ve got paper, you can grind.

We’ve made a board game based on Grindstone’s newest daily mode, the Fortune Grind! Why? Because nobody stopped us, that’s why!

To play, simply print out the three images below* and follow the instructions on cutting out pieces and how to play.
(*be sure to switch to landscape orientation for the game board!)

Prefer to grind digitally? Don’t fret! You can always play Grindstone on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, or PC. 💎

The rules! Print ’em for reference. Or don’t, if you have good memory. Or a tablet. Whatever.

With the launch of the third Daily Grind leaderboard mode, we wanted to take some time to write up a bit of the process and design intent behind all three Daily Grind modes, with a special focus on the latest one, Fortune Grind!

CAPY’s Kaitlin Tremblay sat down with lead…

At the launch of the Nintendo Switch version, the Grindstone team wanted to take some time and talk through some of the UI and layout redesigns the team made to optimize the experience and the flow for console.

We wanted to talk for a bit here about one of the…

GRINDSTONE is a puzzle-battler splatter fest, and now offers a new way to test your mettle in a daily competitive mode! …

S&S 10th Anniversary!

We can’t believe it, but it’s the 10th Anniversary of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP! It’s been a wild ten years since the collaborative efforts between Superbrothers, Jim Guthrie, and CAPY, and the game still holds a special place in all of our hearts! …

Ten years ago today, curious iPad owners across the globe downloaded a strange little game called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Sometimes billed as a playable music album, the collaboration between Superbrothers, CAPY, and Jim Guthrie looked and sounded to most like nothing they’d encountered before.

To help spread the love for Valentine’s Day this year, we made a set of old-school Grindstone Valentine’s Day cards!

Feel free to download the PDF, cut out the cards you want, and share them with all your special valentines this season.

Downloadable versions available here!

Don’t have a printer? Neither do we! So instead feel free to grab an individual card or screenshot the ones you want, and share them digitally with all the special people in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from everyone at CAPY!

CAPY games

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