The Daily Grind Dev Diary: An In-Depth Retrospective on Grindstone’s Ranked Leaderboard Mode

The Daily Grind

Greed Grind’s leaderboard (Daily Grind’s first mode)

Meet Jjertrude the Jlorious

Jjertrude loves: being the best and herself
Original concept art for the Sword Priest, a less nerdy version from Vic Nguyen
Marketing asset for the launch of Greed Grind on Apple Arcade
Greed Grind, Quick Grind, and Fortune Grind shrines

The First Two Modes: Greed and Quick Grind

Screenshot from the second level of Greed Grind
By Vic Nguyen, Very early concept art for all three shrines: Power, Speed, and Greed (before Speed and Power became Quick and fortune)
Jjertrude touting the benefits of Quick Grind

The Third Mode: Fortune Grind

Fortune Grind’s defining feature: its giant wheel-of-pain
Concept art for Fortune Grind’s wheel by Vic Nguyen: smash a box to get the item inside the box!
Concept art for Fortune Grind’s wheel by Vic Nguyen, honing in on the final concept for Fortune Grind
It is a lot of fun to just hit a giant wheel and watch it spin.
Screenshot during testing Fortune Grind, featuring a broken Vine Hjeart sprite once the vine crawled onto the conveyor belt
Fortune Grind launch trailer!

Final Thoughts

Everyone on the team has had a lot of fun with the Daily Grind. When initially prototyping Greed Grind, everyone would play, taunt each other’s position on the leaderboard, and have in-depth discussions about the fairest scoring system, what was working, and what wasn’t working. Everyone was invested, and more than a year later, still are. “A lot of people on the team are constantly watching the leaderboards and cheering on their favourite players,” Ken said. “And that’s really cool.” (Please, if you are elenianag, we want to give you t-shirts and stickers!) According to Ken, it was also the first time CAPY did this type of leaderboard, with a strong dedicated scoring system to handle multiple versions, modes, and days, and it was a bit scary from a technical perspective. But overcoming the fear paid off! “Being able to stare at the exact number of people playing each day is super interesting, but also totally nerve-racking!”



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